Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Among my primary symptom is having trouble concentrating or lacking motivation. I have researched several medications that came across Adderall and would handle Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Adderall makes your brain believe, and it empowers your knowledge enlarge by letting you focus on matters. Having Adderall to be taken by the idea during a school semester is not bad, at least that's my idea. It gave me the feel-good feeling where I felt joyful through the day's ending and incredibly focused. However, the feel-good feeling made me consider Adderall every day. It got me hooked into taking it because it helped me concentrated on anything. And as I take the tablet, it made me realize that few side effects are beginning to appear. Among the side effects is having difficult time sleep. I in the end stayed up the majority of the night and recently had sleep problems.
Occasionally I go out for a stroll with headache and my dog consistently hits me. Above all, I became quickly annoyed over small things that I consider was uncommon before which my girlfriend mentioned. My Adderall habit became more serious when I understood that I lost so much weight in a month time. In all honesty, it got me scared. I have read websites and few articles about Adderall addiction, it occurred to some surprise that a few of the substance abusers had the same experience as I did. Some of the side effects are not even better. After educating myself more about Adderall habit, from then, I quit taking the drug.
Thus, I found several alternatives that had the same effect as Adderall. After I researching about it, I came across a website where it reviews safer alternatives.  I have recently tried Excelerol that I believe also made me focus and enhance my brain memory. Therefore I will be sticking with the alternatives rather than taking Adderall. Have you guys tried any Adderall alternatives similar to Excelerol?

I feel really sad that this drug is prescribed to children at such young ages. I read articles and stories similar to mine about Adderall all the time. I also see a lot of people growing a lot of interest toward trying Adderall, especially college people. It really is depressing, but not as depressing as an Adderall come down. I hope everyone stay away from this stuff. I really recommend everyone to trying out those Adderall Alternatives. I found mine at this review site

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